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Inulin is a kind of natural prebiotic and water soluble dietary fiber. It's mainly existed in plants. The commercialized inulin is mainly source from Jerusalem Artichoke, Chicory and Agave. In China, Jurusalem Artichoke tube is the main raw material for inulin. After washing, crushing, extracting, membrane filtration and spray drying etc. process we got the inulin powder. Nowadays inulin is wildly used in food & beverage, dairy product, dietary supplement, feed etc.

【Product Introduction】

Inulin is another form of energy storage for plants besides starch. It's a very ideal functional food ingredient.

As natual prebiotic, inulin could promote the growth of beneficial bacterias in human gut, esp. for bifidobacterium to balance the gut flora. 

As a good water soluble dietary fiber, Jerusalem Artichoke inulin is easily resolved in water, it could promote intestinal peristalsis, reduce food stay time in the intestinal tract to prevent and cure constipation.

Joywin inulin is extracted from the fresh tube of Jerusalem artichoke. The only solvent used is water, no additives used during the whole process. Our inulin is NOP and EC organic certified. As the biggest inulin manufacturer in China, Joywin owns cutting edge facilities and strict Quality Systems, which assure the best quality product. Our products have expended from China to North America, European countries, Japan etc.


Organic Inulin (Organic certified)

Conventional Inulin

【Source From】

Jerusalem Artichoke


White Fine Powder


◆ Natural Prebiotic

◆ Water Soluble Dietary Fiber

◆ Fat Replacer 

◆ Sugar Replacer


◆ Food & Beverage

◆ Dietary Supplement

◆ Dairy

◆ Bakery

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